At beHEALTHi, our integrated healthcare approach enables us to provide a comprehensive range of services to improve your health and enhance your performance.

Addictions and unwanted habits


Anxiety and panic attacks

Chronic pain relief and management

Confidence and self-esteem
Digestive issues and disorders
Energy and vitality
Fears and phobias
Goal setting and achievement
Grief and loss
Injury recovery and accelerated healing
Learning and academic performance


Mental clarity, memory and concentration


NES Health scanning and assessment

Power breathing
Recovery from accident or illness
Sleep and insomnia
Sports performance enhancement
Stress management
Virtual gastric banding
Weight management and eating control
Wellness assessment
Wellness coaching
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beHEALTHi's integrated therapeutic approach  can help you achieve the transformation you desire.
In conjunction with our 'Wellness One-to-One'  focus, we work with you to develop an individual healthcare and wellness plan. Your plan will aim to affect  change on a range of levels to achieve lasting transformation.
Whilst clients usually seek assistance with a specific issue, due to our holistic approach they generally experience beneficial changes beyond their initial area of concern. 
Achieve the Transformation You Desire