High quality products that benefit mind, body and spirit
At beHEALTHi we have a range of products available at the clinic to support your health and wellbeing.
NES Home Infoceuticals
Hypnosis CD's
Japanese Incense
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NEStrition is a line of supplements that are unlike any other supplements on the market today. Not only are they made from a synergistic blend of the highest quality ingredients, but they are also infused with bio-information using NES proprietary imprinting technology.
NES Infoceuticals also come in a 'home' range, perfect for people who want to access the benefits of infoceuticals without the need for a full NES HEALTH scan and assessment. This special range of infoceuticals has been designed to assist with:
reducing stress, calming the body and mind
rejuvenation of skin and tissues
improved mental clarity and function
restful restorative sleep
relief of symptoms associated with EMF exposure
faster injury recovery
normalisation of appetite and metabolism
At the beHEALTHi clinic we have a range of hypnosis CD's from internationally acclaimed clinical hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood. These can be used for self-improvement or as part of a broader therapy program.
The Japanese incense that we use and provide is the finest incense in the world. Each blend of incense has been created and refined over centuries and is made in strict accordance to the ancient traditional Japanese lore.

A range of incenses are available stimulating different moods and feelings: balancing and energising, calming and soothing, contemplation and reflection. They are ideal for different meditations, and cleansing and harmonising your environment.
Smokeless incenses are also available which are good for office environments.

High quality Tibetian incense is also available.