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NES ProVision

NES Health and its ProVision software are at the forefront of the bio-informational and bio-energetic approach to natural health therapy.

Based on a ground-breaking theory of the human body-field, the information network that informs the physical body, NES takes holistic health to new levels of effectiveness. The ProVision scanning software and the related NES Infoceuticals give the NES Health practitioner the power to help restore their clients' well-being at the deepest levels.
NES Health research indicates that the Human Body-Field (HBF) is responsible for regulating and integrating the physical, chemical, emotional, energetic and memory aspects of the physical body.

We each have a Human Body-Field that is a structured web of information and energy that underlies and informs our physical body and influences the state of our health and wellbeing.

What sets NES Health theory apart?

ProVision provides truly impressive levels of detail on these and other aspects of the body-field and body in an easy-to-understand way. It also prioritises corrections according to NES body-field theory and makes recommendations for the most effective Infoceuticals based on the current scan.
The Human Body-Field

The power of NES ProVision

NES ProVision is a sophisticated decision support software system designed for integrative healthcare.

In only minutes, ProVision scans a client's body-field, determining distortions and blockages that correlate bioenergetically to the physical body. It is used along with NES Infoceuticals, which are liquid remedies for correcting the body-field.
The Human Being exists within a hierarchical structure with the Human Body-Field as the Master Control System.
The theory underlying the NES ProVision and Infoceuticals is truly one of a kind - the most comprehensive understanding of body-field dynamics to date.

NES gets to the heart of the bioenergetic reality of the body. Many biotechnologies rely on detecting distorted frequencies in cells or organs and then sending a corrective signal in the form of sound, light, magnetics and such. But if the body-field is distorted, then the body cannot hold those corrective frequencies. Eventually, they will become distorted again. Any correction, therefore, is usually short term.

NES is different, it is not trying to dictate to the body. Instead, it is working at a deeper level - with the body's master control system, the body-field. NES directly corrects the information and energy network of the body-field, which in turn helps restore the body's own self-healing capacities. Once the body-field is corrected, the body knows what to do, when, and how in order to return to its natural state of well-being.

After nearly thirty years of research, NES has 'mapped' the body-field in great detail, correlating its energy and information channels to thousands of biological and physiological functions. NES theory represents a true integration of traditional Chinese medicine and modern biology.

How does a ProVision scan work?

The NES ProVision scan returns thousands of results, sorted and prioritized according to the severity of the body-field distortion. The scan itself is quick and non-invasive. The client simply places his or her hand on the input device and the scan is complete in minutes.

ProVision acts like a body-field GPS. With a GPS, you input your starting point and desired destination point, and the GPS calculates all the routes that will get you there. It then returns the one that is the most direct and quickest depending on road conditions and other parameters, many of which, like construction and detours, that you cannot even know about.

ProVision is the first 'GPS' for the body-field. Here's how:
Disclaimer: Nutri-Energetics Systems (NES) and any of its products do not diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. NES and its claims have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organisation.
A scan returns multiple screens with detailed and physiologically accurate graphics of various aspects of the body, including, but not limited to: