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NES Home Infoceuticals

The NES 'Home' range of infoceuticals are perfect for people who want to access the benefits of infoceuticals without the need for a NES ProVision scan and assessment.

This special range of infoceuticals has been designed to assist with:

The NES 'Home' infoceuticals are ideal for existing NES Health clients who for some reason are not able to have a follow-up scan (i.e. travelling, time constraints) and want to continue their healing process using infoceuticals.

The 'Home' infoceuticals can also be used as part of a ‘maintenance program’ to support your health and lifestyle.

Taking the Infoceuticals

You take the Infoceuticals by dispensing the required number of drops into a glass of water, allowing 2 minutes between taking each different Infoceutical.

Infoceuticals can be used with other kinds of drinks and with foods or nutritional supplements.

You also can take them while using other types of health programmes.
Disclaimer: Nutri-Energetics Systems (NES) and any of its products do not diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. NES and its claims have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organisation.
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EMF: Electromagnetic Frequency and EMF Smog Treatment
There are many sources of radiation from Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and these can and do interfere with the Human Body Field (HBF) in many people. The effect is to over energise the HBF so that it does not behave normally, resulting in headaches, poor concentration, rages, heart palpitations and variations in blood pressure, high and low. If you are sensitive to E-smog you may get a hot prickly sensation in the face when being exposed to it in a big city or close to a transmitter. Prolonged exposure to E-smog can also cause the immunity to suffer so that colds and flus may appear after travelling by air, when you receive huge doses of X-rays and Gamma rays.

Until now there has been no treatment available for electro sensitivity. This Infoceutical is the first one ever to be able to relieve the symptoms for long periods, after years of EMF exposure. It has been observed that poor breathing and weak chest can be corrected very often by simply treating the EMF.

Use for the following types of E-smog: microwave oven, home phone transmitter, computer, lap-top, UHF transmitters, city mobile phone transmitters, solar radiation. If you have recently been on a plane, at the airport or near radio transmitters of any type EMF, maybe useful.
ESR: Emotional Stress Release
The action of ESR is from Chinese theory as well as modern physics. In stress, the Human Body Field (HBF) gets distorted temporarily, from the normal spherical shape, to something less than spherical. When the sphere is not perfect there is incorrect transfer of information in the HBF, and this can mean headaches and temporary shakes in the hands, and other signs of acute stress. This can include of course bad temper, poor concentration, and so on.

ESR is also used for a corrector of the body field as a whole. This means it can be used for corrections after episodes of stress, like excessive physical exercise, excessive mental exercise, or stressful situations generally. For children particularly this is very useful for when they are tired and lack concentration.

ESR is also useful for when you are too stressed to be able to eat.

Due to its nature ESR does NOT function like a chemical sedative at all, nor is it a stimulant.
What are NES Infoceuticals?
NES Infoceuticals are ‘encoded’ mineral drops that activate the body’s natural healing processes to restore wellness and vitality.
Each infoceutical has a different informational pattern stored on its ions in the liquid aimed at making different functions of the body healthy.

NES Infoceuticals are supplied in 20 ml dropper bottles, containing filtered water, plant-derived micro-minerals and 5% alcohol as a preservative.
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FAT MET: Fat Metaboliser
If there is faulty fat metabolism then there is often a problem with overweight. This Infoceutical is to facilitate the use of fats by the body. This means normalizing the liver as well as some hormonal activity. It even means detoxing the nervous system.

In a great number of cases the overweight is due in fact to low exercise rates and over eating. As these are human habits there is no Infoceutical that can do anything for it.

However , if there is eating for comfort, then there is a way of making the appetite return to normal using the age old observation of the Traditional Chinese doctors, who knew that the Spleen Meridian is responsible for the appetite. This Infoceutical is designed to correct that function. FAT METABOLISER is not an appetite suppressor but a regulator, so that the appetite will return to normal and the fat metabolism will also return to normal if it is upset.
REJUV: Sports Recovery and Muscle Rejuvenation
This Infoceutical is for short term use to make the recovery from sprains and muscle injuries quicker and less painful. It can be used in conjunction with any other treatment, other than infrared treatment, or X-ray diagnosis.

Rejuv aids skeletal muscle recovery from injury. It can be applied direct to the site of the injury with a cotton wool ball, as well as taken internally.

Use for:
Regeneration, tissue damage, striated muscle, shock, muscle enzymes, muscle tone, myalgia, muscle strain, swelling, trauma.
SLEEP: Restful, Peaceful Sleep
The Sleep infoceutical may help to assist the natural rhythms of the brain and thus promote natural sleep.

It is not a sedative and is non addictive.

As with all of the infoceuticals, the SLEEP infoceutical has a harmonizing/normalising effect on the body-field and not a stimulating effect, so there is no need to worry about stimulating individual hormones.
SOURCE: Vital Energy Restoration
Source is the catalyst for all chemical and energetic activities in the body. Without it, nothing can happen. Source energy is accumulated in the cavities of the body.

Source energy is depleted by chronic illness, physical/ mental exhaustion, poor breathing, toxic exposure, stress and malnutrition. Damage from bacteria, viruses and fungus may also deplete Source energy.

The Source is sometimes referred to as the ‘Master Energy Driver’ or the ‘Driver of the Drivers’ since it directly energises all the other drivers.
YOUTH: Anti-Aging
YOUTH has been made from information about many dynamic brain components, for the ageing of the brain and its lowered ability to produce enzymes and hormones as age increases. It may therefore have an effect on melatonin production in some people.

It also corrects the effects of radiation from the sun and other sources which is a well known cause of aging of the skin and body generally. This is also for electro sensitivity where there is excessive ageing taking place due to exposure to twentieth century technology.

Use for:
Electro-sensitivity for all ages, senility, mental confusion in older people, poor sleep due to Melatonin deficiency, degeneration of tissues (for example the heart), X- ray exposure (solar, medical), skin of the face.
Stress Buster Packs
Stress can affect mental clarity, concentration, and memory recall, as well as sleep patterns and energy levels.

Our Stress Buster packs contain natural, safe NES Health liquid remedies that can provide physical and emotional support during stressful periods.
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Purchasing NES Home Infoceuticals

ORDERS:  Orders can be placed using our contact form (go to Contact Us), sending an email to or phoning 0437 684 147.
PRICE: NES Home Infoceuticals cost $22 (including GST) per bottle, plus postage and handling (if applicable). Postage is generally between $8 - $12 depending upon order size.

PAYMENT:  Cash (for pick-ups from our clinic) or Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa only)