the security of a safe environment in which to develop
giving and receiving attention
a sense of autonomy and control
being emotionally connected to others
being part of a wider community
friendship, fun, love and intimacy
a sense of status within social groupings
a sense of competence and achievement
meaning and purpose arising from being stretched in what we create and think

Human Givens

Human Givens is a relatively quick and effective bio-psychosocial therapeutic approach that is particularly useful for resolving depression, anxiety, trauma, phobias and addictions. The therapy works on the assumption that human beings have innate needs and resources, both physical and emotional in nature, which include:
When these needs are not met or when innate resources are used incorrectly, emotional distress and mental health problems may occur.

The therapeutic technique involves undertaking an ‘Emotional Needs Audit’ to assess the degree to which innate needs are being met, and then working with the sub-conscious mind to change limiting thinking patterns and perceptions, and to better utilise innate resources so that needs are fulfilled.

Based on contemporary neuropsychological research relating to brain functioning Human Givens is able to explain for example:

A new approach to emotional health and clear thinking

" Lifting Depression is Easy to Do - When You Know Its Cause"
Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrell
Founders of The Human Givens Approach